At The Insurance and Superannuation Centre our investment philosophy is that we primarily look into a mix of direct shares , managed funds for exposure to specific asset classes and term deposit / cash investments for our clients. We have arrangements in place with third parties who have an established track record in the direct share area and we would be pleased to discuss these arrangements and your investment and superannuation accounts with you.

Note the above strategy is ideally suited to clients who have in excess of $50,000 in their superannuation accounts however if your overall investable funds are lower than this we can assist with

  • Consolidation of superannuation facilities
  • Tracking of lost super
  • Advice on maximising the returns on the funds you do have in super
  • Outside Super , setting up investment accounts for long term saving needs , kids and grandkids education expenses for example

We are registered with the major fund managers and investment providers and are not linked to any one provider so we can source the most suitable platform for your needs


We often find that clients have multiple superannuation accounts in place or have tried to track down previous superannuation payments but with no luck.

We can assist in consolidation of your existing superannuation facilities and once the funds are all together talk to you about an appropriate investment allocation

We have arrangements in place with third parties who are able to provide specific advice on direct shares , managed funds and who have access to a range of term deposit facilities. Speak with one of our advisers to arrange an overall management service for your superannuation and ensure it is working hard for your future


Talk to us about a proactive employee benefits and superannuation package that can be used to incentivise your staff and / or your key employees.

This often involves management of your employees superannuation queries which frees up the time of your payroll area and provides one point of contact for your employees for all their insurance and superannuation needs.